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Pathways to Wisdom:
Core Truths of the Western Wisdom Traditions

Zoence draws on and synthesises the essence of the ancient Wisdom traditions and presents the core truths with new discoveries and insights for the world of today and tomorrow.

Zoence is a science of harmony and creativity, the practice of which is an art, capable of enlightening our consciousness and producing beauty and joy not only in our lives and the lives of others, but also in our environment, landscape and world.

The aim is to help bring about a paradise or golden age on Earth.

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Zoence Academy & Mystery School

The Academy teaches via talks, seminars and workshops (see Events), plus information sheets (see Info Sheets), books, DVDs, CDs, and study papers (see Publications).

The Mystery School provides practical and mystical experience of all these truths, and more, via the special events and geocosmological pilgrimages (see Events).

The Academy prepares and trains the student; the Mystery School enables the student to become the initiate—a consciously inspired, knowledgeable, skilful actor upon the stage of the world.

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Latest News

By request, we are making it possible for some additional participants to join the Swan Line Pilgrimage (18-27 July 2014) for the first three full days (19-21 July), and/or the middle four days (22-25 July), and/or the last full day (26 July). We have also renamed the event, which before we referred to as a Quest, as the latter name proved to be confusing in other languages.

The Swan Line is an alternative name for the Heart Line of Europe, a vitally important energy line or 'corridor' of energy stretching north-south across Europe approximately on the 9 degree longitude. Because it goes through Constance, the focus of the heart chakra of Europe, it was named the Heart Line. This Heart Line also turns out to be the spine of the geomantic 'Swan' of Europe, whose 'wings' stretch east-west following the major chakra system of mainland Europe.

The continent derives its name from the classical myth of Europa and the Bull, but its twin myth is that of Leda and the Swan. Both myths describe something of the underlying spiritual and geocosmological purpose of Europe as the throat chakra of the world, with the Bull emphasising law and justice and the Swan emphasising education and culture. The one lays the groundwork for peace and prosperity; the other raises consciousness and brings delight.

Just as celebrating the Great Festivals regularly is so important to life generally, acting like a mantra and working with the chakras in time, so also is pilgrimage which, on the right energy routes, works with the chakras in space, in the landscape. Time and space are, as it were, two sides of the same coin. To master them by working with them consciously in love and harmony, is a simple and celebratory way to master life, by serving and becoming one with it, in joy and love.


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