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Pathways to Wisdom:
Core Truths of the Western Wisdom Traditions

Zoence draws on and synthesises the essence of the ancient Wisdom traditions and presents the core truths with new discoveries and insights for the world of today and tomorrow.

Zoence is a science of harmony and creativity, the practice of which is an art, capable of enlightening our consciousness and producing beauty and joy not only in our lives and the lives of others, but also in our environment, landscape and world.

The aim is to help bring about a paradise or golden age on Earth.

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Zoence Academy & Mystery School

The Academy teaches via talks, seminars and workshops (see Events), plus information sheets (see Info Sheets), books, DVDs, CDs, and study papers (see Publications).

The Mystery School provides practical and mystical experience of all these truths, and more, via the special events and geocosmological pilgrimages (see Events).

The Academy prepares and trains the student; the Mystery School enables the student to become the initiate—a consciously inspired, knowledgeable, skilful actor upon the stage of the world.

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Latest News

After delving into the Merlin mysteries on the beautiful 'stage' of the Isle of Wight, illumined by the lovely sunllt days and landscape, we look forward to the Shakespeare events, a Wisdom of Shakespeare Weekend on "Friendship and Love" (12-13 July) led by Peter Dawkins and Jill Line, and a Mystery of Shakespeare Week in Verona (30 Aug - 6 Sept) led by Peter Dawkins and Mark Rylance. Both these events are focused on the Shakespeare play, "The Two Gentlemen of Verona", which seems to be popular this year and shares the same Italian home town location for the two gentlemen, Valentine and Proteus, and Proteus' fiancée Julia as Romeo and Juliet in the Shakespeare play of that name.

In between the two Shakespeare events the European Swan Line Pilgrimage will take place (18-27 July). This will be a fascinating geocosmological pilgrimage and quest for Alchemical, Cabalistic, Freemasonic, Rosicrucian and Saint-Germain truths hidden but at the same time revealed in art, architecture, landscape, legend and history, visiting the German towns, castles, gardens, monuments and landscapes of Schleswig, Louisenlund, Eckernförde, Stadthagen, Bückeburg, Externsteine and Bad Pyrmont. These places lie on the Swan Line, also known as the Heart Line of Europe–a geomantic energy line roughly following the 9° longitude travelling north from Constance, focus of the heart chakra of mainland Europe (see "The Swan of Europe"). Like the Shakespeare events this year, this Swan Line event is also now fully booked, but there will be a chance to join another Swan Line pilgrimage next year, when we will travel to special locations in Jutland, Denmark, which are also on this important planetary energy line.

Two separate events in the heart chakra area of Europe (a landscape zodiac centred on the town of Constance) will take place on Saturday 16 August and Sunday 17 August. The first, "White Waters – Pure Ocean of Bliss: Thinking with the Heart", will be an afternoon meditational workshop in the chakra garden and seminar house of Renata Caddy. The second, "Heart Beauty – Beauty in the Heart and Beauty of the Heart", will be a day retreat in Ruth Maria Kubitschek's garden paradise. The beauty of both gardens, although very different from each other, is profound as well as healing, inspiring and educational; for each garden is imbued with eternal wisdom and spiritual presence.

A special Paneurhythmy Day, "Supreme Cosmic Rhythm", led by Sarah Dawkins, will take place at Colwood House (another house with a magnificent garden) on Saturday, 20 September. This will be followed on Sunday, 21 September, by the third and last seminar, "Fairyland and its Heroes", of the three-part “Shakespeare and the Matter of Britain” series of Sunday afternoon seminars presented by Peter Dawkins at Charing Cross Hotel, London.

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